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Free Online Assessment
The FREE Australian Immigration Online Assessment is designed to instantly determine if you are eligible to apply for immigration to Australia. The Online Assessment incorporates criteria set by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Free Online Assessment

Online Video Consultation

Visa plus service
The service is only available to clients who have passed an Online Assessment. This service includes a personalised visa guide (prepared by a Registered Migration Agent), containing all you need to know in order to self manage your own australian visa application. The service also includes access to advice and assistance from one of our Registered Migration Agents for a 180 day period.

Visa Premium service
Personalised service from our migration agent will give you the maximum chance to secure a successful visa application.
This can involve:
  • advising you on skills assessment & visa requirements
  • providing you with strategic advice & guidance on skills assessment & the visa application
  • assisting you with application forms
  • guiding you with supporting documentation
  • helping you prepare & lodge your:
    • skills assessment with the Australian skills assessment body
    • application for Australian government sponsorship, if applicable
    • visa application with the Australian Skilled Migration Processing Centre
  • reviewing, crafting & presenting your applications in the most favourable light
  • drafting covering letters to accompany each submission
    • our cover letters highlight the strengths of your case
    • we make reference to the relevant sections within the Australian Migration Regulations in our letter to the Australian Immigration Department
  • monitoring progress & keeping you informed
    • representing you in dealing with parties such as the Australian skills assessors & immigration officers
    • notifying you of the outcomes
  • providing you with general support & advice on settlement (optional)

Visa review Service
The service is designed to assist clients who have not passed an Online Assessment. This service includes a review of your current profile in accordance with current Australian migration regulations by a Registered Migration Agent. A Personalised Visa Guide is prepared that will identify what immigration solutions are available to you along with access to advice and assistance from one of our Registered Migration Agents for a 15 day period.

Relocation services
Relocation pack
This pack is really a winner and another reason why Ozlife is your choice. We provide full relocation services which includes:
  • Arrival orientation covering settling in Australia
  • Drinks night on arrival with other new arrivals
  • Driving licence
  • Public transport guide
  • Australian Tax File Number
  • Australian Bank Account
  • Jobs list and prearranged job appointments
and more…………

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