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Visitor Visa

Anyone who is not an Australian citizen needs a valid visa to enter and spend time in Australia.

Before travelling to Australia

With the exception of New Zealand citizens travelling on New Zealand passports, all foreign nationals must obtain a visa before travelling to Australia. (New Zealand citizens are issued with a visa on arrival in Australia.)

Visas are available from Australian visa offices such as Australian Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates. They are also available from travel agents and airlines in certain countries.

Please note that:

  • airlines may refuse to allow travellers without valid visas and passports to board their aircraft;
  • it is recommended that intending visitors first obtain a visa before purchasing airline tickets or entering into any other financial commitments dependent upon entry to Australia;
  • visitors are subject to visa requirements while in Australia; and
  • tourists are not allowed to work during their visit to Australia.

People who want to work need to apply to an Australian visa office for a temporary residence visa. Penalties apply for people who breach work conditions.

Types of visas
The type of visa you will need depends on how long you wish to stay in Australia and what you want to do during your stay.

For example, you may want to make a visit as a tourist, or business person, or you may want to live temporarily in Australia to play sport, train or work.

Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) - an ETA is an electronically stored authority to travel to Australia for a short stay.

ETAs are generally available to passport holders from 31 countries in Europe, Asia and North America, through participating airlines and travel agents. The Australian Government does not charge external service providers to offer this service to travellers.

ETAs are available for tourism and business purposes. Tourist ETAs are free of any Government charge, but credit card payments are required for long validity business entry ETAs.

Tourist visas are normally valid for 12 months, during which time you may make as many visits as you like for up to 3 months stay at a time.

It is possible to obtain tourist visas which allow you to stay for more than 3 months at a time, or which are valid for travel longer than 12 months.

Note that a fee is charged for tourist visas.

Business travel visas are for people wishing to undertake business in Australia for short periods. The length of stay in Australia, number of journeys permitted and period of validity of the visa should be discussed with an Ozlife.com.

In some circumstances, the visa can be valid for at least five years (or the life of the passport - whichever is the longer) and allow any number of business visits of up to 3 months each during the five years. There is a fee for all business visas.

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