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Ozlife.com is a trusted name in the industry. We employ only the most experienced migration agents who are specialists in skilled and business visas.

Our head office is in Melbourne and we are closely working with a number of agencies across the globe, ensuring the widest reach and promptest turnaround times.


Moving to Australia may be one of the most important and rewarding decisions you may make. The numerous categories of visa available are all subject to individual requirements and circumstances. Applying for the most appropriate one is crucial.

Ozlife.com is an industry leader because we take the time and care to ensure all applications have the best possible chance of success. Even best-prepared applications can fail through lack of attention to last-minute detail. Immigration and Embassy officials are under no obligation to explain why an application has been rejected. Points test marks pass or fail at time of lodgment.

The application's timing is also of critical importance. Knowledge of this can also hinder any chance of acceptance. The ever changing amendments to immigration law require professional attention to detail.

Our attention to all applications and knowledge of up-to-date laws places our clients at a distinct advantage and may make all the difference between an application being rejected or approved.


At Ozlife.com, we take the anxiety and headache out of applications by working with you to ensure your application is complete and best highlight your positives.

The Australian Immigration authorities’ criteria for people applying to migrate to Australia are wide and varied. Diverse factors such as health, character, English Language Skills and may more play a part in the authorities' final decision. We ensure you select the most appropriate class of visa; the wrong choice could mean the difference between success and failure in your application.

Consider Ozlife.com for your next step.

Australian immigration legislation requires Registered Migration Agents to demonstrate that they are of good character and are competent in Australian immigration law.  Registered Migration Agents must operate in accordance with the Code of Conduct issued by the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

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