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Schools in Australia

Australia offers two general types of schools: government and private. Government schools provide "free" education to the children, but families and others are encouraged to make donations to enhance what each school has to offer in both its curriculum and its extracurricular activities. Private schools charge tuition fees which range widely and are often founded on alternative educational philosophies, including religious ones.

Though there is some diversity between states and territories concerning the school year, most follow a general calendar of four terms with breaks in between called holidays. The longest holiday extends over Christmas, which is the major summer holiday, and usually lasts for five or more weeks.

Children are required to attend school in Australia until age 15. Preschool, which is offered beginning at age 3, is not obligatory. Attendance is usually not very high until the year before entering primary school, which serves as a preparatory year. Most children participate in that year. Primary school, which covers from ages 6 to 12 or 13, is mandatory. This is followed by secondary school, from ages 12 or 13 to 17 or 18, depending on the regulations of the local state or territory.

International students are interested mostly in these three types of studies:

  • Studies of general english
  • Studies of special subjects at private schools.
  • University studies

What is the main difference between particular courses and schools?
There is a lot of specialised schools for studies of General English to choose from over here in Sydney. They have a lot of experienced teachers and teaching English of international students is really traditional.  The majority of students are Asians (Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, India, etc.), students from East European Countries (Slovakia, Czech republic, Poland and Hungary) and also students from Brazil. It is really necessary to pay a lot of attention to choosing the right and most suitable school and course. It is also convenient to gather information and opinions from other students to make a decision about right school or course.

The determine factor, which every student should be interested in, is multicultural structure. For example if you are Chinese and you come to the class where the majority of students are Chinese it would be really difficult for you to study and practise English

Studies at Private Schools offering Certificates and Diploma Courses.
If you are interested in these types of schools you need to be careful while choosing the right course. They are not small Universities which we are speaking of. This kind of education is throughput between college (secondary school) and university. The quality of education is various. The Certificates and Diplomas of these Schools are not so valued while applying for job. The most required is finished University degree such as Bachelor, Master of Science or Master’s Degree.

The schools mentioned above are suitable for students beginners at special subjects. For students who have already finished any kind of Further Education or University it is just repetition or review of what they learned by now but in English language.

There is wide range of courses available for students such as marketing, management, public relation, human resources, travel and tourism, martial arts etc.

If we speak of Information Technologies you can choose courses as follows: software engineering, network engineering, electronic business (combined business and IT), web design, multimedia, etc.

University Studies
The Australian Universities have become very favourite target for students from all over the World and you do not have to expect only Australian students in the classes except for special Sydney Institutes of Australian Universities for education of students from overseas mostly from Asia. 

The studies are specialised for particular field, which student has chosen and duration of the Bachelor Degree course is usually 3 years, duration of Master’s Degree course is another 2 years. Quite favourite combination among students might be studies at private schools following by university studies. Many of private schools have contracts with universities that accept completed subjects at pre-university studies. It is quite possible but also individual that student after finishing 2 years diploma course will get accepted 1 full year at University. It depends on accreditation of particular university.

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