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Over 130,000 people currently migrate to Australia every year and you could migrate in just 3 months!

Why choose Australia?

The quality of life immigration to Australia offers. Australia boasts a low population density, great quality of life and one of the most pristine unpolluted environments in the world. It has freedom of the press and remains an open society.

Qualifying for immigration to Australia presents many opportunities; there is a shortage of skilled workers , with over 150,000 jobs advertised weekly. High salaries are on offer, as companies seek out skilled workers.

You do not necessarily need a job to be granted a migration visa to Australia.

Why Ozlife?

Visas and immigration forms can be a complex, time-consuming matter. There are a number of visa forms and immigration categories, all subject to individual requirements. Making sure you select the visa form is crucial.  

Ozlife.com is an industry leader because we take the time and care to ensure all visa applications have the best possible chance of success. The frequency of amendments to immigration law demand professional attention to detail.

Over 85% of Skilled Independent visa holders are employed within the first six months. There has never been a better time to make the move to Australia.

Wanted: 20,000 workers - recruitment crisis looms

Shortage of workers across ACT could double over next three years when large numbers of baby boomers retire... more

Qld's superyacht industry granted 456 fast-track

A new tailored visa for the crews of superyachts will provide a boost to the tourism industry... more

10% of New Zealanders mull shift to Australia

One in every 10 New Zealanders is considering moving to Australia in the next year, a new poll shows... more

Australia looks abroad to ease construction labour shortage

The construction industry in Victoria will need 40,000 skilled workers over next five years to meet its labour needs... more

Foreigners may solve housing problems: govt

Foreign construction workers could be brought in to help solve Australia's housing affordability problem.... more

Australians happy with immigration: survey

A national survey on social cohesion shows the majority of Australians support the current immigration intake.... more

The new chicken run

Number of South Africans wanting to move abroad has risen sharply this year, say emigration consultants... more

WA economy to withstand global slowdown

There is renewed confidence China's boom will keep delivering economic dividends to Western Australia.... more

Over 100 Kiwis move to Australia daily

More than 100 New Zealanders emigrated to neighbouring Australia every day in the 12 months ending March 31... more

Changes to student visa allow for work

Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship has announced all initial Student Visa holders are permitted to work once they’ve commenced a course of study... more

Govt considers temporary visa plan for 'labour drought'

National Farmers Federation says that if drought breaks across the country, sector will need 100,000 employees... more

Women take the wheel in mining boom

There are 17,500 women in the mining workforce, up from 8400 in 1998, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics... more

Migration plan to ease skills crisis
Temporary foreign workers fast-tracked into mining and health sectors to tackle skills crisis under proposed changes... more

Migrant workers scoring top pay

Skilled temporary migrant workers are earning on average $15,000 more than their Australian counterparts... more

Developing countries go for 457 visas
Computing professionals lead list of top 15 occupations for primary 457 visa grants in 2006-07... more

Proposals to double immigration for WA revealed

Opposition leader in Western Australia announces plans to double amount of people entering through immigration... more

Unemployment rate falls

Unemployment rate falls to record 33-year low, providing good news for people considering Australian immigration... more

Immigration to bring in 15,000 construction workers

Prime Minister looks into solution to ease Australia's current housing shortage... more

Australia to introduce biometrics for visa applications

Australia will begin to introduce biometrics as part of their immigration processes, including visa applications... more

Australia increases skilled migrant, working holiday visas

Australia announces expansion of its skilled migration program by 6,000 places to 108,500 for the 2007-08 year... more

New immigration measures to ease skills shortage

Minister for Immigration and Citizenship announces Australia would relax its migration programme... more

More migrants now using immigration agents

More migrants to Australia using agents compared to migrants to other destinations, according to latest survey... more

Australian Government to grant 152,800 residence visas

The 2007-08 Migration Programme planning level will be set at 152,800 places... more

Removal of skill pathway – impact for trade applicants
Recent major announcement by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) set to change options for skilled migrants... more

Changes to the General Skilled Migration visa stream

Several new visa subclasses are currently in place taking over from the various existing visa subclasses... more

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